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iOS 14 Review – Release Date, New Features, Bug Fixes

As we all know, Apple released their latest major iOS update iOS 13 after they announced it on WWDC 2019. Anyhow, as most people expect, they managed to release several bug fixing updates including iOS 13.1,12.2 and iOS 13.3 in the recent past. So if you are Apple iOS user you might already updated your device to the latest iOS 13.3 and waiting to see the next upcoming iOS update as iOS 13.2 already causing so many issues for most iDevice models. We do know that Apple is not releasing the major iOS 14 this year as they already told the world that it is going to be released in 2020 new year! So here is what we found about upcoming iOS update.

iOS 13.3 came with few changes and bug fixes for iOS 13.2 and even though it wasn’t the best bug fix update users have waited, you might already have it on your device by now.

iOS 14

iOS 13.3 came up with a small number of new changes and bug fixes which includes few tweaks, ability to disable memoji sticker suggestions in the keyboard etc.

About Upcoming iOS Update

As you already know, iOS 14 is going to be a huge update for Apple iOS users all around the world in 2020. But some news have confirmed that there won’t be so much new features for iPad and iPhone users in iOS 14 as well. Anyhow most people still believes that it will be good for iOS 14 new update as well.

Upcoming New Features of iOS 14

If you are a huge iOS fan who is waiting to see the upcoming new features of iOS, unfortunately you will have to wait for some time as they are not willing to release so many new features with iOS 14. You might already know that iOS 13 still got so many identified bugs that need to be fixed. In that case Apple Inc. mainly focused on fixing those issues with the release of iOS 14.

According to the news, Apple Inc. non stoply add main changes in their approach to the development of the latest iOS 14. As a most significant new change, Developers are now using software flags to remove identified bugs in the daily builds. On the other hand the most awaited feature “Azul” for software update is going to act a major role in developing iOS as well.

Somehow most resources indicates that Apple Inc. won’t pay attention on adding new features to their new updates in this year(2020).

Release date of iOS 14!

Even though Apple did not announced the schedule of 2020, we still smells that they are secretly planning release iOS next version in the near future even if they did not complete their features with new software development methods. So we can hope that they will reveal or release iOS 14 in 2020 June during WWDC main event with the release of new iDevice models as well.