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It’s time to say GoodBye to all the third-party Cookies in Chrome – Google

Google has announced that they are going to remove all the third party cookies that tracks users from Google Chrome. According to Google, they will remove all the support within the next two years as well.

google chrome

The main target of this to enhance the privacy of billions Google chrome users all over the world. As we all know most of the other popular web browsers including Firefox and Safari has already removed their support for all third party cookies which tracks the users. In the beginning of Safari and Firefox has blocked all the third party cookies due to certain reasons. In that case, they believed that their users have more secure and quality web browsing without having any security issue. But when this becomes a problem for Google, at the beginning they were suggested that moving or changing the current system might have a bad effect on both ends(User and Web). 

Even though there are so many first party cookies that were made by different websites, it can’t do any sort of effect on the user. So this won’t affect those first person cookies that used by advertisers. Anyhow, Google also announced that they are willing to create an alternative web without having third-party cookies as well. This project is also involved with the Google’s Privacy Sandbox that announced in August 2019.

As we know privacy is playing a major role in internet based work and when it comes to the web browser it is really important to have a trustworthy browser with quality services as well. In the past few years world start to talk about the privacy over internet frequently and people started to search for the privacy that they have while browsing through the internet. Mr. Justin Schuh, director of chrome engineering at Google has recently wrote in Chromium Blog, Users are demanding greater privacy, including transparency, choice and control over how their data is used, and it’s clear the web ecosystem needs to evolve to meet these increasing demands,”.

Google also announced that they will completely remove their support for third-party cookies within two years and also they will start the pro